Murals on MLK 

A community engagement and beautification project
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With support from the
City of Clearwater’s Public Art & Design Board and Placemaking initiative, our organization has been able to fully fund commission for local artist and supplies!

The Lake Belleview community’s history, civic diversity and local environment as served as inspiration throughout the project.

The Murals on MLK Program, FYI's public art program, aims to enliven public spaces, eliminate blight, and highlight Clearwater’s emerging arts scene. 

FYI Community Partnership’s mission to empower

at-risk communities includes helping to beautify our neighborhoods. We are weaving art and culture into the fabric of everyday life through our public art project, The Murals on MLK Program.

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Are you a local emerging artist?

Artists interested in future projects should submit their application here

[Apply Here]

For questions on the program please contact:

Maranda Douglas, Executive Director

 at or 727-315-3069.