Youth Mentoring

Technology Mentoring

Capitalizing on emerging technology, our mentoring program involves under-represented youth and their families in learning basic life and workforce skills.  With this effort, the program helps young people aspire to post-secondary education, productive jobs and careers, and community engagement.  Executed by technology professionals, the program stimulates interest in science and emerging technologies in the areas of website development, video production, information technology, and newer technologies through real-world situations.  Our hope is to engage children in different learning strategies such as problem solving, presentation, public speaking, and decision making skills which they can apply to their academic studies and future careers. 

Peer Mentoring & Leadership 


Participation in FYI's group activities allows young people to enhance their social competencies through leadership, community service, and group projects.  Partnering with other local charities, FYI's group activities allow youth the opportunity to play an active part of their community and receive a sense of belonging and acceptance among their peers.  The ultimate goal of these activities is to provide each child with mastery in leadership, citizenship and life skills.

One on One Mentoring


Volunteer mentors work directly with young people to Build academic and social skills.  Through one one one activities, children spend time with a caring adult focusing on activities that are of mutual interest to the volunteer and the child.  Academic achievements improve when mentors assist youth with homework assignments and study skills.

Family Time Out


Once a month FYI encourages mentors and families to come together for an enjoyable “Family Night Out” activity.  Designed to foster family bonds, these activities encourage youth and family members to spend quality time together in a fun, safe learning environment.